The D'Almeida Cordeiro Associated lawyers office is formed by a group of lawyers who believe in the existence of the perfect formula for Advocacy: work, knowledge, commitment and justice.           The purpose of the office is to provide the general public with a service that can represent the true essence of judicial protection. Interactive interaction with clients, both in the solution of existing problems and in preventive law, provides a high degree of satisfaction of the services provided.           The vast experience of the lawyers, in the most varied branches of law, gives the office the reliability and the essential efficiency to defend the interests of its clients.           D'Almeida Cordeiro Associated lawyers, during its ten years of legal work, is proud to have not only a large number of clients but, above all, true partners and, of course, friends, who were part of the construction and office formation, following his success story and moving into the promising future.           The headquarters of the D'Almeida Cordeiro Associated lawyers office is based in Brasília / DF, but also has a branch in Porto Alegre / RS since mid-2008. With a fully automated infrastructure, it offers customers and partners the possibility of access through the office portal, the integration of their processes, which provides the interested parties with an instant and detailed monitoring of the services provided, as well as the knowledge of the actual legal situation of their case.           Get to know more about our services. Access our legal portal or come and pay us a visit.           Welcome to D'Almeida Cordeiro Associated lawyers.


Offer a professional attorney service mirrored to the highest standard of quality. We seek not only to achieve the legal goals of the processes under our responsibility, but mainly the personal satisfaction of each client. We understand that each process represents a life and, therefore, our work is not limited to the creation and application of legal techniques, as well as legal guidance as a way of improving the exercise of citizenship.


We believe in valuing the human person through the Law and Justice. Laws must be obeyed both by the administrators and by the one who created them. In this sense, we understand the true function of the Rule of Law, not only as the creator of norms, but principally as an enforcer of true Justice.



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